The 40-Day Challenge

The 40-Day Challenge of applying and sharing techniques, tips, and tricks for time management, learning effectively, and efficiently, and self-control.

Day 24 of the 40-Day Challenge

Today I have met a challenge, but the challenge was not about disengagement, but about a really difficult problem that I am facing in my work. Although I tried many techniques, none has worked yet. Therefore, I will try to apply more critical thinking to finally solve this problem. So, in this post, I will just share some useful pieces of advice.

Day 22 of the 40-Day Challenge

I will talk about the principles I applied today during my work and my learning with a brief description of how I applied them. Since I will talk about the principles, then the key takeaways will be skipped since they are already clear from the principles. I think reorganizing my posts in this way will make them clearer, and more concise.

Day 18 of the 40-Day Challenge

Thanks to Allah today is a great day. Although I lagged in the beginning, I tried to motivate myself with an interesting idea that I will share with you. In this post, I will share with you the challenge I faced, and the proposed solution for solving it, some key takeaways to learn from these things, and other useful pieces of information I have learned so far.

Day 17 of the 40-Day Challenge

Again, challenges are repeating themselves, but the only thing I want to mention is how effective I found it to reward myself in the break by doing something useful that I love, as I have mentioned in the system I talked about in this post. In doing so, I felt that I have even achieved something in the break, enjoyed myself, and returned to work more refreshed.

Day 16 of the 40-Day Challenge

I think now the challenges are repeating themselves. I think a pattern is appearing now in why challenges exist, and how to handle them, but I still didn’t detect this pattern yet. Maybe near the end of the challenge, I will be able to detect the patterns more clearly to try to understand myself better, and how I could better approach my work and my learning for being more engaged while doing good work as well.