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Experimenting With Your Actions

It is a good idea to try to think, what is the one thing that if you did well over time will completely change your life?

Hypothesize the different possibilities, and take each of them one at a time for a long enough time for your experiment to be authentic or statistically significant. “Inspired from multivariate calculus”

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Design Your Learning

If you have some innate tendencies in your learning, then try not to suppress them. On the contrary, try to exploit them so that will give you an edge or advantage over others.

For example, suppose that you are the kind of person who wants to understand everything in detail.

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Time Transformation

Time can be transformed into:

1. Money and Optimization
2. Learning and Investment
3. Soul Improvement
4. Psychology & Relationship Improvement
5. Thinking about how to do any of the previous
6. Destroying One’s Self – Bad Investment
7. Nothing – Bad Investment
8. I might have missed other thing(s)

11 Engineering Principles to Benefit from in Real Life

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful, Engineering is a great and useful discipline, in general, where many principles of it could be applied to real-life for our benefit. Here are 11 principles that I think could be applicable in real-life to help us live more effectively and efficiently. 1. Problem Definition …

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