Bahgat Ahmed – Machine Learning & NLP Engineer

What is Here for You?

Engineering Life

Why this term? Since I love engineering so much and I could see how it has developed our materialistic life. Then why don’t most of us take our life more seriously by engineering our lives by setting goals, timelines, experimenting, getting feedback from ourselves and from others to become a better version for ourselves while becoming useful to others?

Therefore, I decided to right blog posts about different aspects of engineering our life, and how could we live more effectively and efficiently.

Professional Engineering Journey

After entering the fields of machine learning and Natural Language Processing “NLP” at the start of 2020, I have found that they are very great and rich fields. Many details, many courses, and an overwhelming amount of information. The question is, how would I develop my career wisely in these great fields? What are the most important things I should learn, and in what order? How to simplify the different concepts throughout my journey, sharing them with others while benefiting from my diverse engineering background.

Therefore, I decided to document my professional development journey including technical explanations about different machine learning, Natural Language Processing “NLP”, and other engineering-related topics so that these could be useful for others who want to design and develop their professional development journey as well.

How will I be guided through the professional Journey?

Insha’Allah I will validate my plan by aggregating and getting pieces of advice from:

  • Different technical websites
  • Professional people answers to questions on websites like “Quora” and “Reddit”
  • I will try to ask for feedback on my plan from different experienced people in my field

My Professional Experience Journey

I have had professional education and training in Aerospace engineering then I took an embedded systems diploma, and independently finished the “Self-Driving Cars Specialization” with Coursera, which ultimately led me to machine learning in the “Visual Perception for Self-driving Cars” course in the Specialization. After this, I discovered that machine learning (ML) has two main applications Computer Vision, and NLP.

From there I got interested in ML & NLP because I knew that ML & NLP are about building accurate models for computers to understand human languages, and since human languages are somehow unique to humans, then ML & NLP are kinds of modeling how the brain works. Being in an engineering field that is using Mathematics, Algorithms, Data Structures, Programming, and Abstractive Thinking to imitate the human brain’s functionalities for building useful applications is much more suitable for my innates than Aerospace Engineering, Embedded Systems, and hardware. That is what I have discovered through my observations after many trials.

I am really grateful to Allah for leading me to such a field that I truly love (Machine Learning & NLP), and I am continuously enjoying myself while learning, and applying what I am learning. I am improving my skills continuously in that field.

My previous diversified experiences help me to look at things from different angles in my new career. It is like having different references or cornerstones that encourage me to see things differently.

My Self-improvement Journey

Since 2011, I have started my self-improvement journey. I read and listened to many books, took courses, and was constantly interested in time management and being a better version of myself. Thanks to Allah, through many trials for improvement, my mentality and view of the world started to change gradually that I feel that I have many things to offer others.