Day 24 of the 40-Day Challenge

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

1. Challenge I am currently Solving

Today I have met a challenge, but the challenge was not about disengagement, but about a really difficult problem that I am facing in my work. I didn’t solve it yet, so I will try to solve it and share how I solved it. Although I tried many techniques, none has worked yet. A really strange problem. Therefore, I will try to apply more critical thinking to finally solve this problem. So, in this post, I will just share some useful pieces of advice.

2. Some useful pieces of advice

Most of these pieces of information are taken from The Magic of Thinking Big book.

  • Self-imposed test: What kind of world will this world be if everyone in it was just like you? Similarly, you could replace the word “world” with “company, community, family, …”. Think, talk, act, live the way you want your subordinates to live, talk, act, live, and they may do that when you appear as their role model.
  • Over a period of time, subordinated tend to be carbo copies of their chief. The simplest way to get high-level performance is to be sure that the master copy is worth duplicating.
  • Am I a progressive thinker checklist:
    1. Do I think progressively towards my work?
      1. Do I approach my work with the “How could we do it better” attitude?
      2. Do I appreciate my company, the people in it, and the product themselves at every possible opportunity?
      3. Are my personal standards concerning the quantity, and quality of my output higher now than 3 or 6 months ago?
      4. Am I setting an excellent example for my subordinates, associates, and other people I work with?
    2. Do I think progressively towards my family?
      1. Is my family happier today than it was 3 or 6 months ago?
      2. Am I following a plan to improve my family’s standard of living?
      3. Does my family have a variety of stimulating activities that they do together?
      4. Do I set an example of a progressive and a supporter of progress to my children?
    3. Do I think progressively towards myself?
      1. Can I honestly say that I am a more valuable person today than 3 or 6 months ago?
      2. Am I following an organized self-improvement program to increase my value to others?
      3. Do I have forward-looking goals for at least 5 years in the future?
      4. Am I a booster in every organization or group to which I belong?
    4. Do I think progressively towards my community?
      1. Have I done anything in the past 6 months that I honestly feel has improved my community (neighborhood, school, etc. …)?
      2. Do I post worthwhile community projects rather than object, criticize, or complain?
      3. Have I ever taken the lead in bringing about some worthwhile improvements in my community?
      4. Do I speak well of my neighbors and fellow citizens?


Thank you. I hope this post has been beneficial to you. I would appreciate any comments if anyone needed more clarifications or if anyone has seen something wrong in what I have written in order to modify it, and I would also appreciate any possible enhancements or suggestions. We are humans, and errors are expected from us, but we could also minimize those errors by learning from our mistakes and by seeking to improve what we do.

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family.

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