Day 16 of the 40-Day Challenge

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

I think now the challenges are repeating themselves. I think a pattern is appearing now in why challenges exist, and how to handle them, but I still didn’t detect this pattern yet. Maybe near the end of the challenge, I will be able to detect the patterns more clearly to try to understand myself better, and how I could better approach my work and my learning for being more engaged while doing good work as well. In this post, I will share the challenge I faced, the proposed solution for solving it, the key takeaways from these things, and some useful information that I learned.

1. The Challenge

I woke up energetic, but soon I felt I wanted to sleep too much, but I resisted myself to avoid sleeping. I was able to stay awake for a while and of course, my concentration suffered, but later I couldn’t withstand but to sleep since I didn’t get enough sleep the night before so I slept for an hour during the day, and after it, I woke up feeling more energetic. I realized that it is not about how much you spend doing something, but about how concentrated you are and engaged while doing that thing. The problem was that I underestimated how much sleep I needed. I thought that if I woke up earlier than usual, I will gain inertia throughout my day to do a better job and to do more. But now I realized that this is not good. Quality is usually more important than quantity, and having a good night’s sleep is really important.

2. The Proposed Solution

I should plan for having enough sleep the day before.

3. Key Takeaways

  • It is quality, and not only quantity that matters. I know that if both exist it will be great, but if you lean towards increasing quantity while decreasing quality know that you aren’t necessarily doing the best thing.
  • Productivity is not to do everything on your list with whatever quality you could, but it is choosing the most important things to do and doing them well. Don’t confuse being busy with being productive.
  • Having a good night’s sleep is very important if you wanted to do a great job.

4. Useful Pieces of Information

Most of these pieces of information are taken from The Magic of Thinking Big book.

  • When our attitude is right, our ability to reach maximum effectiveness and good results usually follow. Attitudes do make a difference. Salesmen with good attitudes meet their quotas, students with the right attitudes make As. Right attituded pave the way to really happy married life. Right attitude makes you effective in dealing with people and enables you to develop as a leader. Right attitudes win for you in many situations.
  • Grow these three attitudes. Make them your alley in everything you do.
  1. Grow the attitude of I am activator. Take action, be active, and see what you could do and do it provided that it is under your control.
  2. Grow the attitude of “You are important” (i.e. The person you are dealing with is important). Most people want to feel important, so don’t neglect them. Let them feel that they are important because they are really important.
  3. Grow the attitude of service first. Serve people first before asking for their money. Do great job first before asking for a promotion. I don’t usually love the idea of asking people to subscribe to your YouTube channel or to give you a five-star review for whatever you made. Try to do your best, and serve them first. I think you could ask for a review, but you shouldn’t tell people to give you five stars. I know that marketing yourself could be important, but I think there is a better way to do it than just asking someone to subscribe to your YouTube channel or to give you five stars. Speaking of myself, I don’t like this way. Try to put yourself in your customers’ and clients’ place and mindset and see how will they think of you when you ask them to do such things.


Thank you. I hope this post has been beneficial to you. I would appreciate any comments if anyone needed more clarifications or if anyone has seen something wrong in what I have written in order to modify it, and I would also appreciate any possible enhancements or suggestions. We are humans, and errors are expected from us, but we could also minimize those errors by learning from our mistakes and by seeking to improve what we do.

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family.

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