Day 22 of the 40-Day Challenge

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

1. Introduction

Today was a great day. To avoid unnecessarily repeating myself since the challenges are repeating themselves, I will talk about the principles I applied today during my work and my learning with a brief description of how I applied them. Since I will talk about the principles, then the key takeaways will be skipped since they are already clear from the principles. I think reorganizing my posts in this way will make them clearer, and more concise.

The principles will be in one sentence each which are replacements of the key takeaways because I said in yesterday’s post that I will stick to one sentence per one key takeaway. I will finally talk about some useful pieces of advice that I have learned so far.

2. The Principles I applied Today & The How I Applied Them

2.1 Learn from Accredited Resources if Trials and Errors didn’t Work since you may have a misconception or missed prerequisites

I was stuck in something during my work during building the software I am developing, and the problem seemed tricky. I have applied many trials, and errors but the problem isn’t solved. If trials and errors aren’t enough so I found a great book that exactly talked about what I wanted. It didn’t only teach me to how I could solve my problem, but it taught me other related important concepts and pieces of advice. I was reading a chapter in a book that included important details and it covers certain topics. I know from the book’s table of contents where I am now. The big picture became clearer.

2.2 Learn by Doing

Although I was reading a book, I was also following up with it by applying what is said to get feedback on my understanding. If something didn’t work with me, I search online fast on how to solve it since it is a coding problem, and most probably someone has faced that same problem and solved it.

2.3 Get Engaged by Entering into Details

During my initial too many trials, and errors I started to get bored. Yes, I understand what I am doing but not too much to the extent of solving the problem since I would have solved it without needing to read in any book. Since I started to get bored, and anyway I didn’t solve the problem, increasing my knowledge will break this boredom, and will help me to solve the problem as well.

3. Some useful pieces of advice

Most of these pieces of information are taken from The Magic of Thinking Big book.

  • 30 Day Improvement Guide. Between now and the next 30 days, I will (I mean that you say I and I am not speaking of myself here):
    • Break these habits (these are suggestions):
      1. Putting off things
      2. Negative language
      3. Wasting a lot of time doing useless unnecessary things like watching television
      4. Gossip
    • Acquire these habits (suggestions):
      1. A rigid morning examination of my appearance
      2. Plan each day’s work the night before
      3. Show people that they are important at every possible opportunity
    • Increase my value to my Employer in these ways (suggestions):
      1. Do a better job of developing my subordinates
      2. Learn more about my company. What it does, and the customers it serves.
      3. Make thee specific suggestions to help my company becomes more efficient
    • Increase my value to my home in these ways (these are suggestions):
      1. Show more appreciation for the little things my wife, my father, and mother do rather than taking them for granted.
      2. Once each week do something special with my whole family
      3. Give one hour each day of my undivided attention to my family
    • Sharpen my mind in these ways (suggestions):
      1. Invest two hours each week in reading professional magazines in my field
      2. Read one important book
      3. Spend 30 minutes daily in quiet undisturbed thinking
  • Next time you see a well-thinking and effective person, remind yourself that he isn’t necessarily born that way. Lots of conscious effort invested day by day made the person what he is.
  • Building new positive habits and destroying old negative habits is a day-by-day process.
  • Create your first 30-day improvement guide right now.


Thank you. I hope this post has been beneficial to you. I would appreciate any comments if anyone needed more clarifications or if anyone has seen something wrong in what I have written in order to modify it, and I would also appreciate any possible enhancements or suggestions. We are humans, and errors are expected from us, but we could also minimize those errors by learning from our mistakes and by seeking to improve what we do.

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family.

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