Life Advice

General life and work pieces of Advice.

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Open-ended Questions Value

If you don’t have open-ended questions, over time you may find your life and career very dull. Asking interesting questions is one of the things that drives our curiosity to search for answers. It is not just asking any trivial questions but asking the ones that matter.

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Increase Your Foresight

Remember that every day you may have the ability to change your eyes resolution in the same dimension, and to extend your foresight to multiple dimensions. Each opportunity you pass by, every task you take, and every situation you encounter has some potential to change your mind slightly if you tried to do your best.

Possible Life Scenarios

He wakes up early and does the most important things first. Then he has quality time with his children and wife before going to work. He makes them a priority. And he builds their habits of waking up early.

At the end of the day after work, his children go to sleep and he can have quality time with his wife.

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Knowledge Patterns

In the current age, I think that we are drowning in information but we are lacking knowledge.

Why? Because our attention span is getting accustomed to fast dopamine hits, small information snippets, and fast recipes. Knowledge rarely comes from this fast exposure.

Consumerism & Produceracy

How could you expect innovation and production from those raised on consumerism?

In school: Consuming subjects and curriculums
In vacation: Consuming products, services, movies, and games
In college: Consuming subjects again
After college: Consuming courses

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Time Transformation

Time can be transformed into:

1. Money and Optimization
2. Learning and Investment
3. Soul Improvement
4. Psychology & Relationship Improvement
5. Thinking about how to do any of the previous
6. Destroying One’s Self – Bad Investment
7. Nothing – Bad Investment
8. I might have missed other thing(s)

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Employment & Value Vouchers

For anyone moving through life just wanting to get more money, please think differently. If you want money, a lot of others want money as well. Flip the question a little bit and ask, what value do you want to add? What problems are you willing to solve? If you want money, you need to become a true problem solver.

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Analyzing Passion and Follow Your Dream Advice

Passion, and follow your dream are words that are recently very popular, and widespread. Of course, passion is important, and doing what you love is very important in order to do your best. The problem is not in that thing, but the problem is in the rush, being unrealistic, and taking decisions so fast without enough critical thinking.