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Engineering Life

Blog posts about different aspects of engineering our life, and how could we live more effectively and efficiently.

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Documenting Professional Engineering Journey

Documenting my professional development journey including technical explanations about different machine learning, Natural Language Processing “NLP”, and other engineering-related topics so that these things could be useful for others who want to design their professional development journey as well.

More information are found in the About section.

Useful Along the Way

Blogs about other useful things that are generally beneficial but I do not have a certain predefined category for them.

These are sometimes very useful beyond what I imagine. They seem like the right things at the right time. In other words, they could open the mind to new unexpected paths to explore or to new unexpected opportunities to exploit.

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Bahgat Ahmed
Bahgat Ahmed

Study & Experience
* Aerospace Engineering
* Embedded Systems
* Self-Driving Cars
* Finally – Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing “NLP” (Career Shift)

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