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Experimenting With Your Actions

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

It is a good idea to try to think, what is the one thing that if you did well over time will completely change your life?

Hypothesize the different possibilities, and take each of them one at a time for a long enough time for your experiment to be authentic or statistically significant. “Inspired from multivariate calculus”

Is long enough enough? No, how you do it also matters. Experiment with different techniques.

So here you have it, for every action, you think of:

1. Take it for a long enough time
2. Experiment with different techniques
3. And put a number representing how well you overall performed in your major life areas. It is okay to be approximate here.

These are some thoughts that came to my mind to live a better life through logical and mathematical experimentation.

Seems to be a weird post I know, but see how could you benefit from it.

There is no problem if you went to pick up some relevant mathematical theories to see which of them could help you in this experiment.

Let mathematics be part of your daily life, and see how far you could exploit your mathematical toolbox to solve different problems you encounter in life.

By the way, it is also okay if you are bored, to take some ideas that you learned from your work whether they are technical or not, and see how far they can push your life forward. So that you could understand your work better and at the same time enjoy life more while being more useful and appreciating the way that this whole life is created. It is expanding your context which is usually a good thing to have because a lot of things that seem unrelated are actually related but we didn’t reach the exact holistic relationship yet.

It is magnificent how playing with what you have, and thinking critically about it can help you in getting what you don’t have in a seemingly strange manner or at least get somehow close to it.

Some of these strange ideas usually come after a nap. So it is a good idea to nap and boost your energy and mental toolbox as well.

Have a nice day and night!

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family.

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