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Engineering in Action – From Theory to Practicality

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

One of the most important engineering principles that if you applied in life could change it is “taking fast tiny inaccurate steps, is usually more efficient and more effective in the long-term than taking small accurate steps”.

It is not surprising to be bored, and waste your time if you are not working in this thinking framework.

Compare how many years you studied in school, and college to finally start working and being useful. It seems very illogical to wait for that much for actually producing something.

It results in a theoretical non-motivating-based life rather than a practically driven life.

Yes, the theory is important but in life, it seems that to understand the theory better, you need to ask questions. And to ask questions, you need to face problems, and to face problems you need to first take action. Action taking induces love and passion for the theory.

From what I know, a non-trivial part of scholarships for masters and PhDs in universities, are basically funded by industries who give money to universities to solve the industry problems. 

Do you see? The real world is driven by practice and taking useful steps toward solving the current problems. You find that what you are doing is useful to yourself and to others.

It is the idea of practicality and application-driven life.

Look around you how many problems are there, how many people are suffering, and then part of your skills, energy, and knowledge should be directed towards this. If you did this, you will most probably not only make more money, but your life will be more rewarding when you find yourself a problem-solver for others.

We all know that life is very very complicated with too many parameters and factors. One of the core steps to tackle this life with love and passion is to take massive actions while critically thinking throughout the way to evaluate your performance.

Similarly, in different life endeavors, try to do the following:
1. Learn enough to start
2. Start practice, and observe the results
3. Take corrective actions accordingly
4. Go back to learn more, and repeat the loop

Look, technology has largely been developed because of this. Why don’t you apply these principles in your life in different actions starting from your relationships with others, to raising your children, to living a healthy life while evaluating all of this in the context of your major life purpose? After all, why are you doing all this?

Just keep this in mind, and know that whatever predefined things you are expected to do by society, you don’t necessarily have to conform to them if they proved to be ineffective and time-wasting. Yes, some of them are good, and some of them are not.

But after all this, remember that you have to benefit from others’ collective wisdom, and ask experts and leaders throughout your way. To increase your probability of success, being guided by one or more people who have reached the destiny is a very logical thing to do to avoid inefficiently repeating mistakes, and to add, build or innovate instead of reinventing the wheel.

Again, it is your life and your decisions. And don’t forget to think critically and evaluate your actions throughout your life. Your mind is not given to you for free.

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family.

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