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Time Transformation

Time can be transformed into:

1. Money and Optimization
2. Learning and Investment
3. Soul Improvement
4. Psychology & Relationship Improvement
5. Thinking about how to do any of the previous
6. Destroying One’s Self – Bad Investment
7. Nothing – Bad Investment
8. I might have missed other thing(s)

The first option is when you work. You get paid for doing your job, and your experience increases as well so how you do things is partially optimized.

The second one is when you learn something new, and here you are transforming your time into potential future value. So you are investing your time in learning.

The third thing is when you pray or worship our creator Almighty Allah. Here you are acting on your soul and asking Allah to improve it for you.

The fourth thing is when you deal with people when you interact with them. You solve their problems and listen to them. You appreciate and understand the different human beings around you, and how their difference is magnificent. It reveals a lot behind Allah’s creation of this world. It is abundance and creativity.

Note that a lot of people are usually much kinder than you think, but the problem usually exists when they act in an inappropriate manner because of bad ways of thinking, or bad self-control. But if you knew how to deal with them properly, you can extract gold from a lot of them.

The fifth thing is when you plan or think about how to do any of the previous property, which is a good and logical thing to do.

The sixth one is when you do any of the previous improperly. You may just do any of these completely randomly without thinking about how to do them well. Because if you thought a little bit, you will find that most of the previous things are some sort of good actions of time investment. In other words, I think by doing this you may be investing your time to get something good in return, even if this good thing is very abstract or implicit.

The problem comes when you invest and don’t find any returns. This can come from improper thinking, and when you do things without understanding the fundamentals and how they work. You just go and do them without any proper plan in mind. This is considered randomness, and may not usually get you good results.

That doesn’t mean that the results have to be fast, but at least you are doing some process and analyzing your actions. Even if you failed, you learned what didn’t work and can correct your actions accordingly instead of just trying to act randomly without patience.

Patience is very important because results usually take time, but you must as well review and reflect on if you are doing something wrong. In other words, analyzing yourself.

Finally, nothing is when you completely waste your time. Just escaping from whatever potential good investment you should do, or escaping from facing your problems by doing superficial actions that will most probably just waste your time, and put you in an even worse mood.

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family.

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