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Observed Modeling & Reverse Engineering

Observed Modeling & Reverse Engineering

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

For sure the experts’ tips and tricks are very useful. But there is something very important that you might be missing. It is in front of you and is usually for free but you could still ignore it.

It is observing successful experts’ final pieces of work, products, and services that are already in front of you, and then reverse engineering to try to detect how they reached their great solutions.

It is known that although experts are experts, they will not necessarily tell you how they did what they did. They do so not because they are bad people or hiding something from you, but because they actually don’t know how they reached that solution! It seems intuitive for them and common sense, and they don’t have explicit steps to tell you.

Rules could ruin experts because they work by intuition. They make things appear easy because of how easily they seem to reach the solution. But behind the scenes, there is a long process of dedication, continuous learning, and deliberate practice that made them reach that level.

Therefore, don’t just use the experts’ pieces of advice, but observe their final work and reverse engineer it so that you become an expert like them in the long-term, and the things they do become second nature for you as well.

And as always, behind the scene of any success, there is usually non-deterministic unobvious steps that the successful people discovered throughout their way.

If it was so obvious, then everybody may have done it.

Recipes are for beginners, and intuition is for experts.

A lot of this writing is inspired by the book (Pragmatic Thinking and Learning).

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family.

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