Day 32 of the 40-Day Challenge

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

1. A keytakeaway

The thing I want to stress today is that the more you concentrate on your work, and your learning the more you increase your value. It is the value of the unit time you spend doing anything. If you are studying then why not study the best, and if you are working then why not do a great job.

Yes, the problem is that studying hard, and doing a great job needs effort which is the thing we usually hate since we love comfort. But try to trick yourself to make things easier for you, revise your why (why are you doing all this), and see how you could do better. Continuous improvement is a key to your learning and your job. Generally, the more you improve, the more experience you have, the more details you know and appreciate, the more valuable you are, the more potential money you might make, and the more you are satisfied.

2. Some useful pieces of advice

Most of these pieces of information are taken from Unscripted Book.

  • Selfishness produces poverty while solving others’ problems produces wealth. When you only focus on satisfying your desires without paying attention to the market needs, and peoples’ problems your efforts may only affect you. However, when you see how you could solve others’ problems including you, things change.
  • Treat customers like kings, and provide true added value to them.
  • Copying successful peoples’ actions won’t necessarily make you successful. We are different, and there are too many factors. Just think critically and avoid the 12 secrets of Elon Musk, Steve jobs, and so on. These recipes may just give you glimpses of small unconnected scenes without giving you the real big picture. Don’t focus on shortcuts, and know that success needs effort and a process. Moreover, successful people are humans that may have bad habits too. Copying their bad habits will harm you, so always filter and take the good things. Think critically, and know that we are different, and things are changing. What someone did a decade ago may not be as useful today. Think about the principles, the key ideas, and not about recipes that will solve all your problems because that is usually untrue.
  • Anyway, everything is changing including you, so why not change for the better instead of staying still or even worse changing for the worse. Even by staying still, through time you are actually relatively losing because you were supposed to be better had you continued in continuously improving yourself.

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family

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