Day 33 of the 40-Day Challenge

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

1. A keytakeaway

Life is like a multivariable equation. If you are solving your equation using one variable only you won’t solve it. You won’t necessarily find an exact solution for your problems either. So think critically about your underlying problems, and the systems governing them. Experiment with different solutions scientifically and see how far you can reach.

Let me share with you a challenge I was currently facing, which was to write this post 😊. I am really tired and want to sleep but I know that success needs consistent effort and to do uncomfortable things that others don’t want to do. It is a process. When I started writing, things become easier and I eventually finished the post. Usually, the start is the most difficult, so trick yourself to start even for 5 minutes and see where the gained momentum may lead you. Again, it is a process, day after day to be done, and not an event that happens overnight.

2. Some useful pieces of advice

Most of these pieces of information are taken from Unscripted Book.

  • We tend to see what we want to see which is not necessarily the truth. This is a bias that we have. We could deduce cause and effect from random events and we are clever at explaining them in a certain way to confirm our beliefs. Think critically starting from the most basic fundamentals of logic and don’t deceive yourself. Be aware of your biases, and how you can mitigate their effect.
  • People are really biased towards their believed thoughts. It is very difficult to let them out of these whatever evidences we give to them. Again, don’t fool yourself and think logically. To understand more about the possible big logical problems that you might be in, you can read this post.
  • We want to continue with our momentum. We want to feel that our previous decisions are right and that we don’t need to feel that we wasted all that we did before although it could be really logical that we should stop now. Why continue climbing the stairs although you are climbing the wrong building? Think about how you think and don’t fool yourself.
  • We usually want the easy path. Many people don’t usually want to solve problems but they want security and they are experts in generating excuses.

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family

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