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Increase Your Foresight

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

Remember that every day you may have the ability to change your eyes resolution in the same dimension, and to extend your foresight to multiple dimensions.

Each opportunity you pass by, every task you take, and every situation you encounter has some potential to change your mind slightly if you tried to do your best. And if you changed your mind slightly, then you are slightly a different person.

Over the years, you can be a completely different human being.

One of the secrets is to keep your mind, and eyes open. Think critically, and try to live to your fullest.

If some time passed by and you did 2 x although you could have done 6 x then technically speaking you may have lost 4 x forever.

Yes, rest is important, but actually, you are resting part of your mind while other parts are trying to work at their fullest or at least at a very high level of performance.

I remember that I have listened in the book “Deep Work” that the mind never gets tired, but it just needs to switch between different kinds of activities so that different parts of your brain are operating at different times of the day with high performance. So on average, your brain works in a very high performance throughout the day.

But for all your efforts to be of worth, remember to renew your intent. Why are you doing all this in the first place?

But I think to increase the probability of your intent to be correct, I think you should have gone through a sincere search and then a deep-rooted belief in the correct truth behind life.

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family.

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