What would you expect this teenager will become 10 years from now?

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

I continuously see repeated patterns in different people which I usually see to have certain expected consequences. Trying to let people think differently about the consequences of their actions I will write the behaviors and let you expect the future of this person.

A teenager who:

  1. Hates education.
  2. Hates learning in general because he sees the only way to learn is school education.
  3. He sees that education is useless and that he is going to figure out another way to make money. Since at the end of the day he thinks that more money is his way to achieving his dreams in life.
  4. He just wants to take a school certificate and looking forward to the next holiday
  5. Isolated from his family due to their unwise raising of him. He sees them as continuously criticizing him, comparing him with his better bother(s) or sister(s) or colleagues.
  6. He doesn’t feel listened to by anyone in his family especially his father and mother. They deal with him as a machine that should do certain actions to fulfill his family’s dreams.
  7. He takes his values from movies (English and Arabic) unaware of where this is leading him to. He is just having fun at this moment.
  8. He has many unanswered questions where he seeks being answered from his friend, movies, or any other unaccredited source on the internet that seems convincing enough without taking into account the possible thinking biases and deceives he might receive.
  9. His escapism is to hang out with like-minded friends to experiment with different things since they want to prove themselves and that they are grown up.
  10. The holiday is just a big amplification of his short having fun periods during the study which means more hangouts, more movies, more PlayStation, more entertainment on different mobile apps. So he is increasing the dose of what he doesn’t know where it will lead him to.
  11. He lives like this most of his school times where most of his values and personality traits are being developed. Now he is on his way to college with more open environments, more experiments and he is armed with the values he took from movies, PlayStations, friends, and social media.

What would you expect this person would become 10 years from now. What will he do in his job, and how he could then choose a wife and build a family. I will leave the expectations to you.

What is the solution then? Insha’Allah I will take about one possible solution in another post. But I will first talk about other different patterns because one possible solution might be really common between all of them.

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family.

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