Youth patterns in the college period

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

I have talked in that post about a frequent pattern that I see in teenagers, and I have let you expect their future 10 years from now.

Let me talk about another life period “College”: The Youth Period. The 20s period.

In college: There may be two options:

1. Entering a field he loves

If this happened, there is a considerable probability that he may take college more seriously. Since he is on his way to work, and he wants to make more money. He will then go on a more promising path since a big part of his time could be allocated to his study, summer training, student activities, and so on. He could meet someone that is better than him who was better raised. He could learn a lot from other communities, and from his professors.

However, there is a high risk that he will miss very important things that he may not find in college. Most of them are related to manners and time awareness:

  • How to respond to criticize?
  • How to share information and help his colleagues although he is competing with them?
  • How not be shy to ask when learning?
  • How to deal with the different kinds of people without insulting them, without being rude, and how to respond to different persons so that he gets the best out of them? even if they are apparently not good persons.
  • How to exploit his time to learn other important things he missed in his teenage years, that he could miss forever if he didn’t do in college?

Don’t ever underestimate the college period. It could be life-changing.

2. Entering a field he doesn’t love

Here there could be three options as well

2.1 Working During College

Working during college time could be much better than the third option. He could generally be more disciplined and sees another opportunity to prove himself. This work could be less demanding since he doesn’t have a college degree yet. However, he could acquire skills that are important and may even prepare him for a shift to a career that he loves. He could make money and take courses in possible better careers. And in the internet age, this option has become easier than before.

However, there is also a high risk that he will miss very important things that he may not find in college.

2.2 Adaptation

Trying to adapt and do what he could do, and trying to be similar to the first one who entered a field that he loves. He could proof to be very great in this new field, and achieve outstanding results.

I heard that passion could simply be the field that you mastered whether you loved it from the beginning or not. In other words, mastery could be one of the reasons that you love something. But I don’t know if this is a fact with solid proof or just a theory. But I think it could be something important to take into consideration.

2.3 Wasting Time

A complete waste of time where he is mostly hanging out with friends, doing other time wasters that are more advanced than Playstations, playing on mobile applications. These advanced time-wasters could have detrimental health, mind, and awareness effects.

These are some of the patterns and not all of them. The trajectory of each of these people could be expected and some of the paths could be seen as promising but I think that there could still be very important missing things that could differ from one person to another. However, there are general important things to have. Insha’allah I will talk about a possible solution to these missing things after writing a post about the final pattern of people. People in their 30s and 40s. Of course there could be patterns after 40s but personally I don’t know them yet well-enough due to my lack of experience.

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family.

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