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Knowledge Patterns

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

In the current age, I think that we are drowning in information but we are lacking knowledge.

Why? Because our attention span is getting accustomed to fast dopamine hits, small information snippets, and fast recipes. Knowledge rarely comes from this fast exposure.

Knowledge is the collective wisdom you accumulate when you truly understand something. It usually doesn’t come from shortcuts or fast recipes. It comes from digging deep, truly understanding things, experimentation, true experience, and so on.

Information is searchable, while Knowledge is difficult to search for.

Information is easy to get. Knowledge is not easy to get.

To increase your thirst for knowledge, don’t drown yourself in information but rather think critically, ask authentic real questions about the philosophy of things and keep asking why and how and why not?

It is not how much you superficially know, but it is how many few things you truly know.

Yes, superficial information is important for gaining the T-shape innovative wide exposure, but deep knowledge is what separates the great achievers and the true builders.

You have to balance between knowing when to dig deep into things, and when to get superficial exposure to expand your mind.

Remember, if your mind hurts you when you learn something, this is usually a good thing. It is like mental gymnastics. It means that you are expanding your limits. Your muscles hurt first to grow and strengthen, and your mind seems to work similarly.

Expand your context, expand your mind, and expand your knowledge.

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family.

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