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In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

What about this title instead? “The Zero to Hero Course – Be a Master in Skill (X) in (Y) days”

Yes, I know that these titles may either seem catchy or spammy!

For anyone moving through life just wanting to get more money, please think differently. If you want money, a lot of others want money as well. Flip the question a little bit and ask, what value do you want to add? What problems are you willing to solve? If you want money, you need to become a true problem solver.

If you are searching for a job, ask yourself if you took the whole bunch of beginner courses found on the internet, what is the difference between you and other applicants? What is the added value that you wish your potential employer to see? If you took a college degree that is with all other applicants, how will you stand out? Do you see? The question is what do you have that others don’t have that will make you more valuable?

Don’t expect a course, or a step-by-step guide to being a master and a superhero in X, Y, and Z. Because if that is the case, it will be super easy. Just take this “Zero to Hero course”, and you are done! So good to be true! Life is not that simple. Mastery is an iterative continuous process backed by many trials and failures. Do real-life projects, and face their true difficulties that others are searching for shortcuts to skip. You are exposing yourself to real difficulty, and real problems. Therefore, you are relatively increasing your value to employers in comparison to other normal candidates who have taken the X to Z list of beginner and intermediate level courses found on the internet.

To give you a hint, if the entry barrier is too easy in whatever you are moving through, then see the red flag that says “soon a lot of other people will get to this road”. People who want to fake action “appear as if they are working, and doing hard work”. If the entry barrier is low, a lot of people and “shortcut chasers” will soon enter and your arena will be saturated so the demand will usually be small overtime for the people with “beginner and average” skillset.

If the entry barrier is low, then do what the other 90% are not willing to do. Read books, jump into real-world projects that the market needs or where you see an opportunity, think critically, revisit the fundamentals with new eyes and try to understand them, read others’ codes, contribute to open source projects, connect and communicate with learning communities, gain experience and help others as well. Learn with new eyes with an eye of a problem solver and not the eye of a money chaser, action faker, or shortcut searcher.

This pattern is very common in life. The truth is “not many people are willing to do the hard work required for mastery, but they just want the reward of money or whatever they want”. If you chose something, most probably you chose to face the problems that you will encounter to achieve this thing!

Remember, if the flag of “easy” pops up, the flag of “average and low expected returns” shows up as well because the market will most probably be saturated. Again, the secret is that there is no secret. The shortcut is that there is no shortcut.

If the flag of “easy” pops, you may have to be exceptionally good to stand out which implicitly means that you have to do what the crowd is not willing to do.

Important Note

I am not against courses, and some of them are very valuable and advanced. But I think that courses alone won’t make you a master. Courses are good especially when you are learning something new. They may help you to focus on the most important skills to get started, but don’t expect that they will give you everything to be a master. Because I think mastery itself involves facing and solving new problems you may have not seen before. How will you test your true mastery by solving a well-known problem that is already solved? MMaybethe advanced course will help you, but I don’t think it will be enough. I think mastery is not that obvious.

Why does mastery matter? And why are you doing all this?

Also Remember

Thank you. I hope this post has been beneficial to you. I would appreciate any comments if anyone needed more clarifications or if anyone has seen something wrong in what I have written in order to modify it, and I would also appreciate any possible enhancements or suggestions. We are humans, and errors are expected from us, but we could also minimize those errors by learning from our mistakes and by seeking to improve what we do.

Allah bless our master Muhammad and his family.

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